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Western Therapy


Boost your energy levels and re-energised your body with classic Deep tissue massage. That uses rejuvenating seasonal blend of oils to provide a firm and deeply relaxing and healing experience. We recommend it for its effectiveness in relieving muscle soreness and stimulating overall blood circulation. Do let our therapists know where they need focus more to facilitate healing.


The traditional Balinese royal massage is a continuum of relaxing acupressure, skin rolling and firm strokes along specific channels. This ritual is a confluence of the best healing traditions of erstwhile Siam, china and India. It guarantees to re awaken your inner self and evoke calm by releasing energy blockages and restoring smooth flow of energy.


Our signature therapy allows you to experience the innate power to rejuvenate, de- stress and detoxify. Its a combination of dry and oil massage. This body work has an integration of sports massage and Thai acupressure techniques that are very effective in working on deep tissue.


Inspired by the energy of the original American tribes, this unique spiritual ritual starts with a deeply relaxing massage. This massage is carried out with oil enveloped warm volcanic stones which are placed on key energy points on the body, evoking warmth, allowing the body to soak up the gentle heat. This will leave you rejuvenated, relaxed and feeling light in the body and mind.


Indulge in this authentic massage style that has been influenced by an uplifting combination of aroma oils are blended with anti-oxidant rich base oils to provide a gentle relaxing massage which works on the senses as much as it works on the skin and nerve endings. Surrender your self to a thoroughly pampering experience!!!


This is an offering leaned from Buddhist monasteries where the austere monks perfected the art of preparing the body to become a temple for the soul. Here, we bring you the same art, combining the use of marma points with traditional Thai meridian massage. While this ritual involves deep tissue body, the use of gentle rhythmic pressure and stretching, balances energy flow throughout the body.


This therapy based on ancient Indian healing science, it makes a flexible and tension free back is the back bone for bodily alignment. Melt into total relaxation as our expert therapists dissolve the tension stored in the muscles of the back and leave you feeling energized and refreshed.


Recognized by the ancient civilizations of Egypt, china and India perfected by the healers of Siam, enjoy this relaxing and pampering treatment for tired hands and feet where application of pressure point massage stimulate the reflex points on your hands and feet that correspond to the various internal organs. Effective even to this day to relive muscle fatigue after a long journey or a tiring day.