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Ayurvedic Riruals


It is an ultimate Ayurvedic therapy where warm medicated herbal oil is poured as a stream on the forehead. It revitalizes your mind and taking you to deep meditative state. Shirodhara helps to improve the memory power, reducing anxiety, relieving sinusitis, migraine and giving sound sleep.


A part of daily ritual of the ancient Indians, this ritual uses long strokes and warm medicated Ayurvedic oil to stimulate circulation, enhance joint mobility, relieve muscle soreness and hydrate the skin and speed up detoxification. At the end of the session, medicated herbal powder is applied on the crown to re-balance energy flow.


Traditionally known in India as "Champi". This is the source for all modern scalp therapies. It is an invigorating experience. It nourishes the scalp and this therapy vouch to bring quick stress relief.


A warm herbal spice poultice is applied all over the body after applying ayurvedic medicated oil. It will stimulate the blood circulation, relieves joint pain ,stiffness and removes blockages in the nerves. It's a good treatment for reducing Arthritis


A very special Kerala Ayurveda therapy to support the muscular system. In this treatment fermentation of body with bolus of cooked medicinal rice by applying over the body as well as warm medicated oil massage is included. Advised along with Ayurveda program for long period for better results.


Takra dhara is a form of shirodhara, an Ayurvedic treatment method which involves continuous flow of medicated butter milk to the centre of forehead continuously for up to an hour. It is a cure for vata predominant diseases, relieves tension and cures certain types of skin diseases. It is very cooling and very effective in skin diseases, like psoriasis and also known as good dandruff treatment.


A special paste made up of amla, buttermilk and other ingredients cooked and made into a paste is applied to the head. After that it is covered with banana leaf and tie with a cloth. Before and after the process a slight massage is given to the head with medicated oil. A hole is made at the center of the paste where the middle of crown chakra and medicated oil is poured and held in it for around45mins. Finally it is removed by a mild massage on head.


In Udhwarthanam, the body is massaged after an application of the aforementioned herbal paste to the skin, it reduce fat and dead cellulite. This cleanses and refines the skin structure and gives the skin a soft silky texture and a lustrous glow.


In this treatment specially prepared warm medicated oil is kept inside and keep changing at regular interval on lower back with herbal paste boundary. This is ancient treatment for healing back pain. It alleviate lower back pain , spinal & disc disorders and it strengthens lumbar - thoracic region.